Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ron's drunk!

Same Alan Jackson 2001 concert T from yesterday. Sitting in the same spot (next to the trashcan) but with a new 6-pack of Bud Light.

Here's to you, Ron. Blow'd up building the Cut. Cut in half by a train. Beat down more than any soul should suffer.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sobriety Update: Ron's drunk!

Mission Statement

Why blog?

Simple -- there's been a lot going on here on Westwood this Summer. New ex-con's have moved into the 'hood. Of course, they have attracted an interesting assortment of cops, dog catchers, habitual offenders, ambulances, fire trucks, etc.

It began around Bele Chere and has been active ever since. This is an easy way to remember who/what/why/when. And there's been plenty of it.

So enjoy the mayhem! I'll try to post the news as it happens (usually in the 10pm to 4am 'Drunken Hours of the Morning')

Animal Control

Gotta love it when one house on the skreet uses more safety services than any other. The con-house still has not figured out how to leash their two pit bulls. Animal control should be able to help.

Poor dogs. Must suck to be owned by 24/7 drunks.